NFPA 70E/Arc Flash

NFPA 70E/Arc Flash  Description: This training is a comprehensive training that establishes best electrical safety practices standards on how to protect workers from electric arc flash and arc blast exposure and resulting potential injury and death. The training includes understanding barriers, set backs, Personal Protective Equipment, label interpretation, arc flash/blast prevention and all safety standards from… Continue reading NFPA 70E/Arc Flash


Lockout/Tagout (Control Of Hazardous Energy) Description: This training will help your employees in the industry and research settings to ensure that dangerous equipment is properly de-energized and not able to be started up again prior to the completion of maintenance or servicing work. We will also cover the equipment, the processes, rolls, responsibilities and safety… Continue reading Lockout/Tagout

Forklift, Scissor & Boom Lift

Forklift Train The Trainer (Sit Down, Stand Up & Walk Behind)  Description: This training will allow you to bring the Forklift Safe Operation Training in house. The employees will learn how to conduct an effective safety training, people’s different learning styles, how to handle problem employees, how to the present a PowerPoint and receive the maximum… Continue reading Forklift, Scissor & Boom Lift

OSHA Training

OSHA’S Most Cited Violations Description: This training explains in detail the top 10 cited violations from the previous year. Designed for: Any employee interested in the type of violations OSHA has sited companies for in the previous year Maximum training size: No maximum  Training length: 1 Hour training Training price: $400.00 Introduction To OSHA Description: This training is designed to give students of… Continue reading OSHA Training

Train The Trainer

Train The Trainer  Description: This training teaches your employees how to design and present a training on almost  any subject. You will learn how to design an effective PowerPoint, learn effective presentation skills, about different personalities, learning styles and how to handle difficult people. Designed for: Any employee wanting to design and/or present a training Maximum training size:… Continue reading Train The Trainer

Overhead Crane, Hoist & Rigging

Overhead Crane, Hoist & Rigging Description: This training covers all safe operating practices, OSHA standards, proper load handling, rigging, accident avoidance, pre-use inspection of cranes and lifting equipment. Our training also includes proper rigging, determining center of gravity along with the inspection of straps, chains, wire rope and wire mesh. This will enable the employee to have a better… Continue reading Overhead Crane, Hoist & Rigging

Confined Space & Fall Protection

Confined Space Description: This training will have your employees gain comprehensive knowledge on practices and procedures to prevent and avoid possible incidents and what steps should be followed in responding to an actual confined space incident. Designed for: Individuals who work in or around confined spaces Maximum training size: 12 Students  Training length: 2 Hour training Training price: $850.00… Continue reading Confined Space & Fall Protection

Hazard Assessment & JSA

Hazard Assessment/Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Combination Description: This training includes the tools for a step by step process on how to utilize Hazard Assessment & Job Safety Analysis. This is not only required by OSHA to determine the required Personal Protective Equipment required on each job. The HA & JSA are also great tools to help… Continue reading Hazard Assessment & JSA

Quick Trainings

Bloodborne Pathogens / BBP Description: This training will define what a Bloodborne Pathogen is, what the big 3 BBP are, how BBPs are transmitted, what the proper PPE is to wear and how to use it. The training also covers how to prevent being exposed to a BBP, what to do if you are exposed and… Continue reading Quick Trainings