OSHA Training

OSHA’S Most Cited Violations

Description: This training explains in detail the top 10 cited violations from the previous year.
Designed for:
Any employee interested in the type of violations OSHA has sited companies for in the previous year
Maximum training size: No maximum 
Training length: 
1 Hour training
Training price: $400.00

Introduction To OSHA

Description: This training is designed to give students of all levels of your organization an understanding of OSHA and what you need to know about OSHA.
Designed for:  Any level
Maximum training size: No maximum
Training length:
 2 Hour training
Training price: $500.00

OSHA 10 General Industry

Description: This training is to provide a better understanding of safety in the workplace and to be prepared to protect themselves and others from the hazards in the workplace. This course is an effective way to get your team the training they need. Students will be introduced to OSHA policies, procedures and standards along with general industry safety and health principles. The training includes the following: Introduction To OSHA, Emergency Action Plan, Walking Working Surfaces, HAZCOM/GHS, Electrical Hazards, Personal Protective Equipment, Bloodborne Pathogens, Machine Guarding and Safety Program.
Designed for: Entry level employees
Maximum training size: 40 Students
Training length: 
10 Hour training
Training price: $1,350.00
*Students who successfully complete the course will receive the US Department of Labor OSHA 10-hour card
*There is a $8.00 per card/student OSHA processing fee

OSHA 30 General Industry

Description: This training is an additional 20 hours of safety training which elevates the OSHA 10 general industry training to an OSHA 30. This training is a comprehensive and in-depth look at OSHA standards emphasized on hazard identification, avoidance, control, prevention, OSHA safety standards, specific OSHA regulations and requirements as they apply to the general industry. This training also teaches safety awareness to help each worker recognize and reduce the risk of job site hazards
Designed for:
For workers with more safety responsibility and who manage people or departments
Maximum training size: 40 Students
Training length:
30 Hour training
Training price: $3,200.00
*OSHA 10 license is required before taking this course
*Students who successfully complete the course will receive the US Department of Labor OSHA 30-hour card
*There is a $8.00 per card/student OSHA processing fee.

Pricing Valid Until January 1, 2023
*Mileage May Apply